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No Bad Days Skeleton Resin Statue

No Bad Days Skeleton Resin Statue

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this pastel skeleton affirmation piece was created to bring some color into your special space. no bad days.  we all know that isn't possible, but i thought this would be a cute reminder to be present in tough times & maybe when we glance over at it & read it, we'll repeat the line & turn a crappy day into a better one just by switching our mindset a bit.

meticulously handcrafted with love, care & attention to each little detail, this piece was made to fit into a special art collection like yours.

{ product information }

  • handmade resin skeleton statue on resin base.

  • vibrant acrylic paints.

  • measures 3" wide at the round base.
  • about 5.5" total in height.
  • adorned with kawaii inspired trinkets & findings, nails, screws, etc. 


{ please note }

one of a kind. 

not for children.

acceptable for adult collectors only. 

keep out of direct sunlight to prevent any possible color changing over time. 

this item is handmade, unique and special. It has imperfections and is not mass produced in a factory.

Please see all photos before purchasing. 

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