New Website, Who Dis?

New Website, Who Dis?

I'm sitting in my office, running on barely any sleep, BUT.... the website is DONE! (I think!) 🤔

Don't get me wrong, I was very happy with the lilac Dawn theme I worked so damn hard on back then, but lately I've been noticing how much in LOVE I am with all these spring colors I keep seeing everywhere.  Seriously, they make me all tingly and dopaminey... *side-eye* 👀

I don't recall ever being this excited about spring.  First time for everything I guess.  Whatever!  GIMME ALL THE COLORS, COACH! 😍🌈

I'm in the south and It's warming up outside which means it's almost pool season! ...cut back on the carbs season?  Bikini season? Clouds of mosquitos coming in hot? ... Did they ever leave? I digress. UGH! 🦟💨

Anyway, the colors on this theme are gorgeous. I'm thankful it only took two days to set up.  Normally it takes me a bit longer than that to whip up graphics and ideas on my own, but I purchased this one on Etsy from BlogPixie's shop.  Seriously, I typed in "shopify themes" and it was the first to pop up and I was sold. I don't care if fifty other shops have it!  THAT'S how much I love it! Plus, I love supporting other artists when I can! W's all around! 🏆

I like how the new drop down menu/navigation is nice and simplified now.  Really, I loved the mega-menu I had, but I wonder if it was too much sometimes?! It's in the past now.  Whatever! Let it GO!

Right now I'm still brainstorming package inserts like coupons, die-cuts, and stickers, but I'm excited about that because I LOVE packing orders with the new branding materials. Yay!  SO, tonight, between cooking dinner and folding clothes, I’ll be whippin' up some cute and colorful package inserts! *girly noises* 🥹

OH! Before I forget to tell you! I'm gonna start working on getting a newsletter going and sent out soon as well.  I haven't done this in years, but I should... so. Yea. It's definitely happening!  SOON!


Random thoughts comin' in hot! I wonder what's gonna happen with the Tok?  Should I even be worried about posting there and trying to get follower growth going?  Hmm... 

I need to make new social media cover photos too... which reminds me:

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that said something like, "to all my old typing buddies, no need to double space after the periods anymore!"  I DON'T KNOW ANY OTHER WAY! You're gonna have to pry this space bar outta my cold, dead hands before I quit!  (Honestly, I think I do it most of the time but sometimes I forget too.)

Thoughts?  Do you double space after finishing sentences?  Or could you care less?  *tap* *tap* I’m out! LUNCH-BREAK! See ya!



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