Finally Got The Puddin Carousel From Hell Done

Finally Got The Puddin Carousel From Hell Done

To everyone who celebrates it, Happy Easter! I literally didn’t even know it was Easter weekend until around Wednesday of this week.  Oops. (Tell me you’re too damn busy without telling me you’re too damn busy!) 😂 

We’re definitely just chilling and hangin out around the house today not doing much of anything at all. I mean. It is Sunday after all. Why not, right!? (I say that then I’ll end up goin weed the garden, wash bedding, mop the floors, clean the gutters… ok, ok you get it!) 😂

ANYWAY, I‘m playing around on my iPad, though, because I WANT to, and because I’m addicted to it, AND because I wanted to finally get the Puddin’ set posted as a carousel on Instagram and Facebook. Done! I can finally check that off my ten-billion-task-long list!

I’ve finished the new Puddin’ covers - and they’re so damn cute that I can’t choose which one should ACTUALLY be the front or back cover. Good thing they’re reversible. These covers are heavy-duty & printed with vibrant colors on bougie photo paper.  Try one! You won’t regret it! 🥰  If you nend to order a custom size, message me through the site and I’ll let you know if it’s possible.  

Im also dragging my feet, but I need to start editing ALL the planner listings on my website and Etsy shop to add HP BIG options since I’m now able to print the large covers and laminate them.  It’s only around 300 listings so it shouldn’t take me too long… (Somebody rescue me!) 😂


Does anyone still use Erin Condren spiral bound planners? I used to love the Recollections ones. (What ever happened to them?) I’m thinking about getting the paper punch for that option as well, but I’m not sure. It’s a 300.00 hole punch and if nobody uses coil planners anymore what’s the point of investing in a giant paperweight!? 

Ok. Ok. Back on track! All the Puddin’ stuff is listed on the site, and as of today, it’s all located in the “NEW” arrivals section! 

We’ve started a new Facebook Group, too! If you’re not in it, you should join us! Come check it out and say hi! 

Have an awesome rest of your day wherever you are!

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